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In our previous blog on the subject of cuts, we discussed what cuts of meat are and how they affect not only the flavour of the dish, but also the cooking time and the overall texture of the dish. This is why certain cuts of meat are best suited for certain dishes because of a variety of factors such as the tenderness of the meat, the fat and muscle content, and the presence or absence of the bone.


While this list of cuts and dishes could ideally go on and on, we’ve split it into the three most common meat dish groups that we consume on a regular basis – and suggested the right cut for each type.

Since a biryani is slow cooked, you want pieces of meat that are still on the bone so they won’t dry out while sitting in all that “dum” for such a long period of time. That being said, the pieces shouldn’t be too large either, or they won’t be cooked through. For a Chicken Biryani, we’d recommend either drumsticks or thigh pieces with the bone still in. For a Mutton Biryani, we’d recommend Goat meat from the shoulder since it is tender and succulent.


Side note: A lot of people have been raving about boneless biryanis. While these are easier to eat, believe us the flavour just isn’t the same. That being said, if you would like to try a boneless biryani, we’d suggest the Parsi Pasanda Biryani that’s made with Pasanda or Schnitzel cuts of meat.

Choosing a cut of meat for a curry is relatively simpler since most meat shops provide a “curry cut” which is essentially a mix of the different parts of the animal cut or broken down into smaller pieces so that you get a nice mix of texture and flavour in your dish; and in a way that wastage is usually minimized.


A Chicken Curry Cut might include a leg piece, a wing, a breast quarter, and so on depending on how much meat you choose to buy. A Mutton Curry Cut might similarly include an array of pieces – some boneless, some with bone – from different parts of the animal such as the neck, ribs, shoulder, etc.

You could just use your favourite cut of meat such as chicken drumsticks or mutton shoulder to make curries, but if you want a surprising mix of texture and flavour, we’d highly recommend the curry cut.

While grilling isn’t something new in Indian cuisine (Tangdi kebabs FTW!), people are discovering the joys of barbecuing with their friends and family, and also the health benefits of grilling meats over deep frying them. Today, we talk about the right cuts for barbecuing at home or simply putting together a quick, healthy meal.


If you plan on grilling chicken for a quick dinner, we’d recommend using boneless pieces of meat such as the breast. In fact, it might also be advisable to cut it into cubes and skewer it before grilling. For a barbecue party kind of deal, when you have time, grilled Chicken drumsticks are amazing! If you want to grill mutton, our favourite cut is of course chops!

Side note: If you want to grill your own burgers, minced meat is the way to go! Sure, you could grill a gigantic boneless chicken thigh and try to make a burger out of it – but the flavour isn’t going to seep through the thick piece of meat as well as it would when it was directly added in the minced meat.


We hope this article was able to give you an insight into the different cuts of meat, and why we use a certain type of cut for a certain type of dish. If you’d like to try out some of our tips, order fresh meat on or 08033013216.

Also, do check out our blog for some of our favourite recipes, and a collection of our favourite meat hacks, tips, and tricks!

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