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Today, meat is available at the tap of a button. Online meat shops have provided us the added convenience of having fresh meat delivered to our doorsteps hours before we plan on consuming it! But it wasn’t always so simple. Once upon a time, you had to take a trip to the butcher’s every time you wanted to eat meat. And for people who ate meat daily, it was way too cumbersome a task.

While we recommend purchasing and eating your meat fresh, we do understand that sometimes you do need to order ahead and store it. And to make sure you store it right, here are some of our favourite storing hacks. These will make sure you get the most out of your meat in an absolutely safe manner.

1. Cool it!

Freezer 1

If you plan on consuming meat or poultry within 48 hours after you’ve purchased it, you don’t need to freeze it. Simply refrigerate it in its original packaging until you are ready to use it. Seafood should ideally be placed on a bowl of ice in the refrigerator.

2. Double-bag it.

Freezer 2

If you don’t plan on using the meat any time soon, portion it according to how much you would usually need for a meal, wrap each portion tightly in plastic or cling-wrap, and pack it in a freezer bag or another plastic bag or even tin foil before you store it in the freezer. Why? First, you don’t want your meat exposed to the possibility of freezer burn that can make it tough and inedible. And second, this way you can just thaw out the portion you require for that meal.

3. Put a name on it.

Freezer 3

Once you pack the meat, you’ll need to know what’s in each pack. Especially if you’ve packed it in two bags or in foil! We’d suggest you label it with the type of cut, how many pieces, and when you purchased it, so you can use it accordingly.

4. Defrost it!

Freezer 4

Remember, when you freeze meat, it is equally important to defrost it safely before consumption. The best way to defrost it is in the refrigerator – overnight, so it doesn’t get too warm. You could defrost it in the microwave, but only if you plan on cooking it immediately. Also, remember to consume the meat within 24 hours after defrosting it and cook it thoroughly until it is steaming hot throughout.

We hope these tips help you enjoy your meat in a safe manner. If you prefer your meat fresh, we’d seriously recommend ordering fresh meat online every time you need it. Place your order on, and we’ll deliver it to you – fresh, every time!

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