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We love meat. So much that some of us don’t feel like our meals are complete until we get that nice meaty bite – every day! A lot of us turn to cold cuts or deli meats like sausages and salami as an easy way to include meat in our daily diets.

Once just as a side to a nice English breakfast, deli meats like sausages and salami are now making appearances in snacks, lunches, dinners, midnight snacks… you name it, and making them all a whole lot more delicious.

It’s quite simple. Throw on slices of salami and cheese in bread, and lunch is sorted. Spice up a pasta or some leftover rice with some chopped sausages and spices. The delicious flavour combined with the low amount of effort it requires works great for us. But, how healthy is this habit?


The fact is this: Deli meats are processed. Which means, they’re not the healthiest thing you could be eating. But does that mean you stop eating meat every day?

No, it does not.
Before you groan out loud thinking about slaving over the stove for hours every day, hold on for just a second. There is a way in which you can get your meat fix every day – along with the convenience of deli meats!

We have for you: Schnitzel/Pasanda Cuts – a healthy alternative with the same benefits you get from your favourite deli meats. High flavour, low effort, quick cooking time, and BONUS – IT’S SUPER HEALTHY!


For the uninitiated, Schnitzel or Pasanda cuts are basically boneless prime cuts of meat that are flattened out with a mallet to make them really thin so they become easy to marinate and cook quickly and uniformly. So, for instance, if it usually takes you about half an hour to cook chicken breasts, cooking the schnitzel cuts will reduce that down to half – maybe lesser!


The best part about Schnitzel/Pasanda cuts is that they are so versatile, they can be used for almost any kind of cooking from simple crumb fried cutlets and tossed into your favourite pasta, to pasanda curries and premium pasanda biryanis!

Our favourite is crumb fried schnitzels that are coated in bread crumbs and cooked for a couple of minutes on each side in a frying pan! The flour creates a sort of barrier so all the juices of the meat stay within the meat, and the crumbs give it a nice crisp texture! They taste great on their own as cutlets and even make a delicious, healthy filling for sandwiches.


The next time you want to cook up something quick and tasty, give Schnitzel/Pasanda cuts a try! We promise you, it will change the way you eat your meat!

Order Pasanda/Schnitzel Cuts on Brown Apron. We make them with both Chicken and Mutton – so you can get your quick, healthy meat fix, no matter what your favourite meat is.

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