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Have you ever tried shopping for meat, and then gotten thoroughly confused with this wide variety of cuts you’re met with? Especially with the advent of online meat stores, people often end up confused about this array of cuts.

What’s the difference between drumsticks and lollipops anyway? They look kind of the same. And what’s the big deal if I make a boneless paya soup?


Today, we’re here to give you a quick rundown on cuts, and to answer the age-old question: do they really affect flavour?

What is a “cut”?
To begin with, a cut of meat is essentially a portion of the whole animal that has been cut or broken down by a butcher, making it simpler for you to cook at home. While a lot of people do prefer buying whole animals and then breaking them down themselves, it’s clear – cut portions make your life a whole lot easier, and drastically reduce the amount of time you would spend in the kitchen.

Novice meat eaters especially prefer buying only their favourite cuts of meat; instead of buying whole animals and having to waste parts of it. The kidneys or livers, for instance prove to be a challenge for a lot of home-cooks.

Now, let’s talk flavour.
When you buy meat, consider this: every cut comes from a different part of the animal. Meaning, some parts have gotten more exercise and some have been more relaxed.

Simply put, this just means that the muscles that got more exercise tend to be more flavourful, but also might take longer to cook. Shanks for instance have greater flavour because the leg muscle got a lot more exercise than the chops that rest in the loin section of the lamb.


That isn’t all!
Some parts of the animal will have higher fat content, some better texture… and all these factors affect the cooking time, and the way your dish finally tastes once you are done cooking it.

The meat from Lamb Shoulder is a great example. It cooks a lot quicker than the meat from the shanks. But, even though cooking the meat on shanks takes seemingly forever, you end up with a dish where the meat practically falls off the bone, and melts in your mouth!


The bottom line is this:
The cut of meat does indeed affect flavour, and also your whole eating experience. If you still aren’t sure, try a biryani that’s been cooked with boneless pieces of meat. Or try eating a burger that’s been made with pieces of meat with the bone-in. You’ll see what we mean.

If you’d like to know more about the variety of cuts and their uses, peruse our website. You can choose from a wide range of meats that are cut only after you place an order with us, and delivered to you fresh!

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