Blog: Brown Apron Meats — 7 ways meat is the best thing to eat

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“I’d really love to bite into a nice, juicy ________________ right now.”

If you answered “burger”, then you’re going to love this piece. If you answered “apple”, then, you might not like it as much – but read through anyway.


The debate around meat has been around forever. Is it good for you? Is it bad for you? Isn’t it unhealthy? We’ll get to that, and more. But the facts speak for themselves.

Spoiler alert: Meat is good, and you most certainly should be including it in your diet.

Here’s 7 of our favourite reasons why:

1. It was meant to be.


Evolution speaks for itself. Evidence from fossils shows that humans were always meant to eat meat. The next time you’re smiling into your mirror (or selfie camera), take a closer look at your teeth. We have incisors and canines that help to tear meat, and molars that work to grind it. If we were meant to live on vegetables alone, we wouldn’t need them. Also, we’d probably have a digestive system like a cow’s.

2. Essential nutrients galore.


There are some things you just cannot get from other sources. Meat, however, has them in abundance. Protein, for instance. All the protein supplements in the world will not give you the same results. Vitamin B12 exists only in animals. Same with ‘Heme’ Iron – the good kind of iron that comes from meat sources and is easily absorbed into our systems. Plant sources like spinach, produce only non-heme iron that isn’t as easily absorbed by our bodies.

3. Stable blood sugar.


Eating meat helps to keep your blood sugar levels in check thanks to its high fat and protein content. And maintaining your blood sugar levels is important to prevent diseases like Type 2 Diabetes. Eating meat also makes sure you feel satiated, and ensures that you are less likely to crave for junk food between your meals – which is why, meat is a favourite in a lot of low carb high fat diets like Atkins, LCHF, and even Keto!

4. High energy levels.

Freedom. Independence.

Apart from maintaining your blood sugar levels, meat also makes sure that your energy levels don’t dip an hour after your meal. Iron present in meat helps boost your energy levels and combats fatigue. Creatine is a nutrient that manages the energy resources in your body, especially when you’re working long hours – and, you guessed right, it’s found only in meat.

5. Made humans smarter.


Our ancestors initially ate a low-calorie diet consisting of fruits, nuts, and roots, followed by high-fibre foods in order to get enough energy. These high-fibre foods were hard to digest, and most of the energy ended up back in their guts. The brain didn’t get much. Once we discovered meat, our guts shrank, allowing more energy to travel to our brains – making our brains bigger, and us smarter!

6. Meat makes us happy!


Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers that regulate cognition, reasoning, memory, emotion, physical commands, etc. The amino acids found in meat help to regulate the health of these neurotransmitters, especially as we grow older. This also means that meat-eaters are less prone to depression, digestive disorders, mood swings, and anxiety. Think about it – it’s impossible to not smile when you’re biting into a big juicy chicken leg or burger.

7. It’s delicious AF.


There’s no denying that meat is among the tastiest things you will ever eat. Steaks off the grill, spicy flavourful biryanis, juicy burgers, spicy curries, kebabs and tandoors – everything tastes best when it has meat in it! Meat really is food for our body, mind, AND soul!

We love meat, and meat loves us all back. Just look at all the health benefits! If that isn’t reason enough to eat meat, we don’t know what is!

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