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Country v/s Broiler: Which is better?


Everyone loves chicken. It is one of India’s favourite lean, white meats. When it comes to purchasing chicken however, one dilemma that pops up often enough, is what kind of bird should we be eating? Broiler, or country? Everyone has a different opinion on which one is tastier, which one is healthier, which one is more sustainable…

Let’s break it down for you.

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Country Chicken, also called Naati Chicken is grown for its eggs as well as for its meat. These chickens are grown in their natural environments – without much interference from farmers. Meaning, they deal with the normal issues of growing up that include fighting for their food, trying to escape from predators, etc. – which manifests into the taste and texture of these birds. Their meat has a deep, complex flavour, and they have lower fat content, and a higher muscle mass. Many love the flavour of Country Chicken, but are also faced with issues like tough, gamey birds that take forever to cook – if they even manage to find some where they live.


Broiler Chickens are a different ballgame, so to speak. They are raised exclusively for their meat – in shielded, sterile environments. Meaning, these birds all get the same food, zero exercise, and the same exposure to the elements. Which also affects their taste and texture. They are all high on fat and low on muscle – which means their meat will be tender. But they also have the same diets, usually comprising of corn feed and nutritional supplements, so they all taste the same (which might not necessarily be a bad thing). Broiler chickens are a huge favourite in the country because their meat is guaranteed to be juicy and tender, they are more affordable, and more readily available.

Taste and texture aside, the nutrients you get from both type of birds vastly differ, too! Here’s a quick comparison of the two:


Country Chicken

Broiler Chicken

Lifecycle Spent in natural environment Grown in factory-like, protected environments
Butchering age >6 months 45 days
Texture Could be tough and chewy if the bird is too old Always tender
Taste Complex and varied Uniform, and less complex
Price Expensive Extremely affordable
Availability Not so easy in big cities, but is available online Available easily everywhere, including online

At the end of the day, only you can decide which bird you prefer. And to make that choice easier for you, we’ve put together some of our favourite recipes that hero each kind of bird. Order fresh chicken online – both Country and Broiler, give them a try, and let us know which bird has won over your taste-buds!


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