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A nice pink medium-rare steak or a healthy grilled chicken breast? What’s your favourite type of meat? The healthy white or the hearty red?


While many might like both, for most people, there is a clear choice. Some go for the full-flavour reds, while some prefer the naturally lean and therefore supposedly healthier whites. But before you make your choice, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each type.

If you are looking for a protein and nutrient heavy indulgence with full flavour, red meat might be your meat buddy. Rich in necessary nutrients such as Zinc and Vitamin B12, and extremely loaded with proteins, red meat is usually a favourite among those who enjoy the true flavour of meat.


Red meat is red when raw, and turns a dark brown when cooked. Generally, meats that come from mammals and hunting are considered red meat, the most common being mutton from sheep, lamb, and goat.

Rich in Riboflavin and Thiamine, red meats are especially great if you’re trying to gain muscle, or are trying to overcome anemia. But, red meats might not be all that great on the health scale. Studies have shown that they are high on saturated fats that are deemed unhealthy for your heart, intestines, and even your stamina.

If you aren’t crazy about that meaty flavour, but still want to enjoy the health benefits of a meat diet, white meats are the way to go. These meats are paler and an almost washed out white when raw, and an opaque white when cooked. They include chicken and sea foods like fish, prawns, crabs, etc.


White meats are a little more delicate in flavour than red meats and have a whole host of health benefits of their own. Fish and prawns for instance are high on Omega 3s, which are essentially good for everything. From your immunity system to your skin and hair, they have got it all covered.

The best part about white meats is that they are naturally low on fat and even lower on trans-fat. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about when enjoying a meal centred around grilled chicken or fish. What white meat wins in the fat category, it loses in count of its protein content, as it’s comparatively lower on those than red meats.

One is high fat, high protein, and the other is low fat with a ton of health benefits. At the end of the day, there’s no real winner. It all really depends on what you’re looking for from your diet. The key, is balance. You don’t have to gorge on white meats and cut back on steaks. There’s no reason your diets can’t include a nice healthy mix of healthy white meat, and hearty red meat.


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